Infected: Betrayed By True Love

Infected: Betrayed By True Love Infected: Betrayed By True Love by Felix Cunningham III
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Aniyah Lane Walker has Cinderella dreams with her soon-to-be husband and prince charming, Da’Quel Williams, aka Quella. She is ticking down to her winter solstice wedding in 15 days and all she can do is smile and embrace her new lifestyle with open arms. With a baby in her belly, a wedding ring on her finger, peace in her heart, and a lawyer on her arms, her happily ever after is finally secured and nothing or no one can stop it. Or so she thought.

If it ain’t one thing it’s another.
She receives a vicious phone call that she is HIV positive and her eyes only know one direction to turn towards the deception; her own prince charming.
This myriad tale of dramatic twists, turns, and secrets has Aniyah hunting down the age-old question: Who is she

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Wowwww.  Was the one word that kept echoing in my head. While the story is billed as one that follows a young naive Aniyah into a coupling that means her no good, the infection is really the star of this story. We watch as it devastates many and helps in a quest for revenge for others. The infection from its inception to where it ultimately lands in one family and those who are connected is what kept me interested. The story flowed well. The supporting characters were interesting and the message was loud and clear. It (the message) is not what you think and I won't spoil it.  While Aniyah is not a likable heroine and one that made me want to yell at her..okay I did it on more than one occasion, I appreciated the cultural and social relevance this story will hold.  My only complaint is that the author took the scenic route to get to the "good stuff". I was about 74% into the book before I stopped skimming passages that focused on Aniyah. Sorry. You can get your own copy here and support the author by leaving a review. 

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