Web of Deceit - Book 2: A Naomi Reed Novella

Web of Deceit - Book 2: A Naomi Reed Novella Web of Deceit - Book 2: A Naomi Reed Novella by J.B. Jefferson
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

in book two of the Web of Deceit series, there’s no slowing down Naomi Reed and her ultimate quest for sexual freedom. Although she continues cheating on her husband Wiliam and outwitting Darius, the Private Investigator William hired to catch her, she begins to test the limits of her luck. Not only is Darius persistent in exposing the truth about Naomi, but her long-time play thing Josh has abandoned the rules of their arrangement and professed love for her that she can’t and won’t reciprocate. 

No matter how good the sex is with Josh, Naomi has no plans on leaving William. However, Josh is finally standing his ground by demanding more from her than just a hookup; which is a big issue. She can’t risk Josh single-handedly dismantling her marriage because he caught feelings. She also can't let a two-bit PI like Darius ruin her chances of getting her $2 million prenuptial endowment before her 6th wedding anniversary. In her mind, it seems all the men in her life have created a huge mess of things and it's up to her to fix it...and fast! 

Naomi devises a wild and crazy plan to get Josh to back off a bit and give her time to deal with getting Darius off her trail. She’s completely impressed with the plan she devises to secure the $2 million while at the same time gaining a major account for Talk’s Talk magazine. The plan is risky and involves coming face-to-face with Darius, but she’s confident that her persuasiveness and ultimate planning will prevail both personally and professionally. 

What Naomi doesn’t expect is that this time, Darius is two steps ahead of her and Josh is seriously starting to question his involvement in their twisted relationship. Naomi has no idea that her perfect world is unraveling one lie at a time

The author did a good job of keeping up the cat and mouse game between Naomi and the detectives. Naomi having lady luck on her side stayed two steps ahead of the detective thanks to a mutual acquaintance.
The story still had relevant content,was well structured and edited superbly. I would have liked better plot movement to have occurred in this installment to propel the story forward and for it to be a little less wordy. I did find myself skimming passages, because they didn't appear relevant to the story. There were scenes i.e. the golfing scene between Richard and William that I didn't feel added any value to the story. Will it become relevant in book 3? I am hoping that in book 3 the author will add significant movement to this intriguing story.  You can get your copy here and don't forget to leave a review.

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