Diamond in the Dirt 1-4

Diamond in the Dirt Diamond in the Dirt 1-4 by Carde'l Edens
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The Diamond in the Dirt series is a coming of age story that captures the unforgettable moments of its main character's life. Real is trapped inside of poverty and pain but still has a heart of pure gold with a mind sharp enough to cut himself through any situation. Real strives to the best of his ability to beat the odds. As time passes by the multiple screw balls life threw at him shapes and molds him into being a straight-up lion in a concrete jungle. his loyalty, brainpower, and gangster will be tested. Will he fall victim to the deadly vices that come with the game, or will he overcome it all and reign supreme like the street king he claims to be

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This story centered around a young man named Real. This coming of age story of one man 's introduction to the streets. He lost his father as he was born and essentially lost his mother as she couldn't cope with the loss of the man she loved.  After moving in with his grandmother, he met his future partner in crime and also the love of his life. The author takes on an entertaining ride of Real's journey from neglected child to street legend. Thanks to meeting a mentor of sorts who saw his natural ability his rise birthed seeds of disbelief and jealousy from those who felt they deserved to be in his spot. There was murder, betrayal, potential incest and more.   The author did a good job with character development and creating a raw and gritty look into the streets.  The series moved quickly and kept me entertained the entire time. There were some issues that could've been resolved with editing i.e. grammatical issues and lack of proper transitions, but I was entertained nonetheless. The author didn't sugarcoat the street life or the consequences that came with it.   I was rooting for Real by the end. Granted books 2-4 or 3-4 could have been combined, I'm hoping the author closes the series in the next book in a way that clears up unanswered plot points. 

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