Walk-In Investigation: Streaming Sarah

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Walk-In Investigation: Streaming Sarah 
by Joyce Kostakis

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SYNOPSIS-Walk-In Investigations is like Ghost Whisperer meets ‘Dead Files'. Homicide Detective Katie Hanson learns to channel messages from deceased victims to solve a series of life-changing cold cases. As her current case unfolds, Katie realizes a deceased witness account can be just as flawed as the living. Nothing is as it seems. Sarah and her son Matt give conflicting accounts as to who murdered them. Katie's gut instinct is to believe Sarah, but the evidence doesn't support the testimony. Will channeling the deceased lead her to the truth or cause her to arrest an innocent man? 

                                                                  BOOK REVIEW

I listened to this book on Audible. The production was well done and the narrator did a good job of breathing life into the characters. This story pulled me in early on. I thoroughly enjoy a mystery and if you add a paranormal element to it, that's even better! The main character's ability to speak to dead people because she herself has experienced near-death is a perfect match! The author did a great job of creating and displaying the chemistry between best friends, Katie and Vicky.
The story flowed well. The friendship between Katie and Vicky was relatable and enjoyable to experience. I think the story was true to the mystery genre. I enjoyed trying to figure out the murder and loved the courtroom scenes! The interaction between the attorneys and witnesses definitely holds my attention.
I do have one criticism. There is a section in this book where Katie must locate her body and it had nothing to do with the mystery at the forefront of this story. It bothered me just a little but I feel that since this is book 1, it sets the foundation for future books in the series. There were no notable errors that took me out of the story. I would recommend this book to mystery lovers who love a dash of paranormal.
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