Life | Fitness | Success:Why Not You? Vol. 1

LIFE|FITNESS|SUCCESS Volume 1 is likely the first of its kind.
An inspirational quote book with an autobiographical element wrapped with a slight likeness to a photo book. This hybridized literary/visual project is authored and photographed by Doyen "Dolo" Grant, a well-known fitness entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY, USA. The quotes are meant to inspire readers to greatness in all three of the areas mentioned in the title; The biographical portion of this first volume covers his life from early childhood up until high school.

Life | Fitness | Success: Why Not You?  Vol. 1 by @dolofitness

 "Perfection is often the enemy of greatness" 
Doyen Grant

I can honestly say this was the first of its kind that I've experienced - A fitness quote book sprinkled with a few childhood memories and some inspirational images to further motivate the reader. I was not sure what exactly a  fitness/life quote book would look like so I had to clear my expectations. There was not much fitness or success in Volume 1, which appears to focus on life. 
I will say that there were some notable quotes like

"It starts with a thought. After you think of it, change it into a belief. After you believe in it, turn it into a dream. Now it is up to you to turn the dream into a reality"


"You have to be willing to fail in order to succeed."

While this may not be for everyone, quote lovers -and I know a few- will enjoy the motivational words offered, including a little motivation from his grandmother. Those are the people I would recommend this quote book to in the reading community. 

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