Fueled By Revenge

Fueled By Revenge Fueled By Revenge by B.B. Hughley
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Born and raised in the gutter of Detroit's Westside, to a drug addicted mother, Jaxsyn Blackwell was no stranger to hardship. Growing up, Jax had no time for freeze tag or barbie dolls. Instead she had to figure out how to silence the grumbling coming from her stomach, protect her sister, and pray her mother would return from her latest binge that could claim her life. Jaxsyn's life was hard, but typical for growing up in The Dirty Glove. The only difference between her and other kids, was her need for more. Jax used the people around her as examples of what not to become. She maintained a 4.0 GPA all throughout high school and before the ink could fully dry on her and her sister Zionna's diploma, they were packed and on a bus out of Detroit.

Messiah Knight is the President of "The Knight's" Motorcycle Club and a highly respected businessman. Sih and his brother Nashon are right at the top of the food chain. Messiah has everything he's ever wanted, except a woman to enjoy it with. That's until he cross paths with Jaxsyn. From day one, Sih makes his intentions clear. He knew she was the one, and when life throws Jaxsyn a curve ball, Messiah secures his spot. Just as their relationship starts to flourish, tragedy strikes, turning their world upside down. Unfortunately, the blows keep coming, but they hit a breaking point and the gut wrenching pain they're experiencing has their blood running cold. Done with taking losses, they both strap up and prepare for war. It's go time, and together they'll move heaven and hell to make sure they come out on top.

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This series was an intense ride the entire time. Normally, I don't really go for books that keep the reader on level 10 the entire time. However, this story flowed well and quickly and most importantly it kept me engaged the entire time. There is love, betrayal, hood romance, social issues and most importantly revenge.
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