An Unlikely Christmas

An Unlikely Christmas An Unlikely Christmas by D S Pais
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A shy dancer steals her heart, but she remains in oblivion. Her actions show that she cares for him, but her mind is not willing to accept. She has changed his personality since the time they have met.

The story unfolds with the two of them being at the same place, she not believing in love and he falling apart from her due to her own indifference.

What happens next?

Book Review
The story centered around Atticus and Penelope and their love story after meeting in college. The story was told from a third-person pov with no dialogue from the characters.  It's been a while since I've read a romance that didn't allow the characters to express themselves. However, there is no hard rule that says that has to happen.  But, I think for this story it was needed in order for this reader to connect with the story. The author did a good job of telling the stories of the characters.  While the writing was a bit stilted, which I think was due largely to it being translated to English, the plot was clearly outlined and infused with a bit of drama and action. Unfortunately, it was short on romance. While this story was a miss for me in regards to being a romance story of any kind, I think it will be enjoyable for those who just want to know how the love story came to fruition without romance. 
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