Underneath Earl's Bed

Underneath Earl's Bed by Cy Hartshorne
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I was a little hesitant going into this story. A dust Bunny, Dustyn, longs to explore. He hails from a community of dust bunnies that lived in the attic of the Earl's home where a black widow reigned with terror. The story takes us through the perils of growing up in the dust bunny community and dealing with the Black Widow to his teenagers years and having more trials to face into adulthood and why he needs to leave his home under Earl's bed or did he. The revelation of Harold's outcome and how it related to Earl's toy from his grandfather was an interesting twist. The Black Widow's "evil" gift and what it was prompting young earl to do gave the story a terrifying aspect. Dustyn with his friends X and Colate work to defeat a common enemy in a show of love, friendship, and unity. This story was a cross between Toy Story and Nightmare on Elm Street. The author touches on a few very important topics that all young people have to deal with as they mature - bullying, a lack of self-confidence and awareness. I think the author is talented and the places his mind went to craft this world is a story for another post. I would place this book firmly in the pre-teen section of dark fantasy. The author is young and only has room to grow and mature in the craft. I look forward to seeing what's next.

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