You’re a Part Of Me

You’re Apart Of Me by Shameek Speight
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I knew in choosing this book, I was in for a few things horror, grotesque killing scenes and that rare form of crazy that this writer brings. I wanted something different and wild and that's exactly what I got. Melody's story did not disappoint. She came from a tight-knit loving family of ...well I don't want to give that away that tidbit. Although, you can figure it out pretty early on in the story. Melody wanted to love & be loved. She wanted happiness with her soul mate but was unlucky in love. She "hunted" for love and whenever she thought she had it, the many men failed to live up to their promises. When that didn't work, she sought out one night stands to fulfill her carnal needs. This was a quick, entertaining read with a few grammatical errors. From the graphic opening scene to its ending, in the same manner, I couldn't stop reading or chuckling. I wonder if she'll ever find love?

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Reviewed by KayBee


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