All Hours

All Hours All Hours by Andie J. Christopher
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Felix Pascual misses being someone’s boyfriend, which is why he’s willing to get set up by the only Hernandez he'll admit to liking (out loud)—Lola. But when he gets to the restaurant he finds that Lola has matched him up with none other than Joaquin Delgado, a man who has never shown one iota of interest in him.. And Joaquin doesn't seem any more open to Felix's unique charms this time around . . .

Joaquin will do anything for his grandmother. Even give a foul-mouthed, flashy Puerto Rican caterer who gets on his nerves—and makes him thirsty all at once—a chance to run his kitchen after he’s injured. After all, it's just a few weeks. And he won’t be tempted since he’s given up on dating anyway . . .

But Felix won't give up without the satisfaction of getting Joaquin to admit that he wants him. Felix is stubborn, and his growing desire for Joaquin is about proving a point. After all, it can't possibly turn into something real.

Book Review
Let me start by saying this was my first read by this author. So, I'll start with what I think worked and why. First, I think the plot and the location for the story worked. It was nice seeing a Hispanic (Puerto Rican) m/m romance front and center for a change, especially with the locale being South Beach. It said the stage for sexy Not to mention the some find the art of cooking extremely sexy. All the story revolves around the food industry, it is not heavy on "food-speak".

The author provided quite a bit of backstory and reflection, which was great because I had not read other books in the series. What didn't work for me was the lack of angst, fluid timelines, stilted dialogue and creating characters whose actions mirrored the descriptions provided.

I think you want a quick, insta-love, romance with a little steam, this book is definitely for you.
(I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review)

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