Switch & Bait: a short story

Switch & Bait: a short story Switch & Bait: a short story by Bien-Aime Wenda
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"I swear, women were like the seven wonders of the world. They were all like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You meet them and get tricked into believing they’re the woman of your dreams: nice banging body, supportive, loving, and able to throw down in the kitchen. If they knew how to maintain my long locs like Regina had, that was a definite plus. Anyway, once a man fell for these type of women, they pull the old classic bait and switch on an unsuspecting fool. " 

(Part 1 of Desi Ever After) Playboy Princeton Woods swore off dating after a tumultuous relationship with ex-wife, Regina. Then enters former video vixen, Desiree Loren and all of her baggage. Despite her troubled past and warnings from his friends and family, Prince just can't seem to get enough of Desi. Has he finally met his Mrs. Right, or is Desiree just another bad decision?

Book Review
The material was interesting and well written. As always with short stories, it's hard to pack a punch or squeeze enough of the key elements in a story to make it enjoyable. The author did a good job with this one as did the narrator.

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