Something About You, Got Me Feenin’ For More 1 & 2

Something About You, Got Me Feenin’ For More Something About You, Got Me Feenin’ For More by Dymond Taylor
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Lanka Hues is a woman who knows struggle best. At an early age, she was apparent to what it was like to not have and want and need things but couldn’t obtain it. When she was at the age where she could make a change, she stopped at nothing to turn around she and her sickly mother’s life.

One night out celebrating one of the best accomplishments of her life takes an abrupt turn she wasn’t quite ready for. Lanka wanting to let her hair down and have a little fun engages in a spontaneous moment with the very sexy and smooth Rio. It changes her life drastically, resulting in Lanka losing everything that she had worked hard for.

Donterio is a hardworking man who did all he could to provide for his wife and son. He would do any and everything just to see them smile. He soon finds out sometimes your best is just not enough, when he receives a text from his wife, calling it quits; not only leaving him but their son as well. He couldn’t have been more devastated. He was hurt. He couldn’t comprehend how someone he loved, and trust could do him that way.

Book Review 
I think this was a good start to the next series by this author. The characters were developed. The plot was one I hadn't read and it tied into today's culture of airing your "dirty laundry" on social media and it's damaging effects. I like that the primary male character was not the typical "hood" boy and the primary female character was not weak or unintelligent. There were a few twists that added to the complexity of the plot. The story moved well and was well-structured. While I will never look at breakfast the same again, I enjoyed it.  Good job!

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