Money, Blood and Conscience

Money, Blood and Conscience Money, Blood and Conscience by David Steinman
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An idealistic American TV producer starts a charity for famine victims amid Ethiopia's civil war. “You’re not in California here,” Ethiopia’s rebel leader-turned-prime minister reminds him. “This is a different world.”
In 1993, a prince and princess from Ethiopia’s 2,500-year-old Solomonic Dynasty reached out to an international revolutionary who’d played a behind-the-scenes role in the overthrow of Haiti’s notorious “Baby Doc” Duvalier. Could he help free Ethiopia’s most famous political prisoner and liberate its people from a reign of terror?
Now, that revolutionary, David Steinman, has drawn on his extraordinary, real-life adventure to write a novel about Ethiopia’s present-day struggle for freedom. Part investigative journalism and part parable, it depicts the cover-up of a holocaust and raises questions about the ends and means of Western policy in shadowy places.
Money, Blood and Conscience superbly portrays the fight by the world’s poorest for food and justice, drawing the reader into a magnificent, heartbreaking crusade for human dignity.

If you are old enough to remember the outcry that surrounded the Ethiopian famine in the 80s and the call to action many Americans met. Enter Live Aid an ongoing music event created to raise relief funds. this book will bring back those intense feelings of disbelief that a country, people were suffering so horribly.

I think the author does a great job of mixing facts with fiction to give you something that is educational, well-developed, organized and filled with cultural & politically relevant content for that time period. The story moved well, but I could not connect with it or the protagonist was a bit difficult to connect with throughout.  While this is not my normal read, I can appreciate that Steinman has used his extensive background to pen this novel that will appeal to many 80's babies.
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