Your Granddaddy, My Sugar Daddy Series

Your Granddaddy, My Sugar Daddy Your Granddaddy, My Sugar Daddy by N'Dia Rae
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Instead of college, Samira moved from the DMV to Atlanta to score a millionaire baller. After starring in music videos, she is finally chosen by one of Atlanta’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, Keenan Carmichael. But as the old adage goes, more money, more problems. 

Keenan suffers from a gambling habit that is so bad that it’s put the life of Samira and their eight-year-old son Seven in harm's way. Once loan sharks threaten Keenan about killing his family, he begs Samira to ask her wealthy grandfather for money, and she reluctantly agrees. 

Samira travels back home and is ready to ask him for money but on the way, she links up with a childhood friend Aura Jessie. 

Aura is a proud gold digger, with only one mission; milk men for all that they are worth. Just like Samira, she is in dire need of cash. And she is determined to make Samira’s grandfather her next sugar daddy. 

When the two friends come together they begin to race the clock to see who can get the most of out Samira’s grandfather. Their friendship is mired with backstabbing, betrayal, and deceitfulness. Dark secrets about both of them are revealed. 


Aura, a well-meaning young lady, who used her looks to secure her "bag", is the focal point of this story. Her sister is spoiled. Her grandmother has Alzheimers and is in a nursing home run by her future sugar (grand) daddy, Hutch, and his bitter wife, Evelyn. Ther nursing home is involved in insurance scams, abuse, and murder thanks to Evelyn.

The secondary plot that involves the granddaughter of Hutch is interesting as well as the third storyline that is going on involving the DA.

The author did a good job of weaving all the elements into each other in the first installment. The ending had the potential to be explosive, but the author took a different route and tied everything up in a nice anti-climatic bow that was fitting for all characters involved. But don't take my word for it, you can get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review.

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