She Got Me Series

She Got Me Series by Just Bae
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The new series of guilty pleasures, She Got Me, where you'll discover the world of black women rules.
Behind each story of seduction is a charming alpha male. Yet, each is just prey for one of four naughty girls.
Kayla has more on her mind than a hot shower for one when she invites Tyrone, into her bedroom one afternoon. Do you believe these two can keep a secret? While long-time dance partner, Imani works her way down to Marquis, will he be able to stay true to his girlfriend back home?
Ayana and Taye's unintended affection, after years away from high school, proves that their desires had never gone away. Will Taye's spouse find out he's been creeping around? Lastly, Deja and Malik have an unexpected baby to care for after a few steamy rides. What should they do next?
Love definitely reigned supreme in the lives of these four women. I think the author did a great job of placing the reader into the psyche of each woman. The situations the women find themselves in will resonate with many of us who are looking for love. The stories were presented as glimpses into the lives of each. The only thing that could have made the stories themselves better was if the author gifted us with a full novella for each woman. The formatting, structure, and content were all top-notch. My only critique would be the narrator and production for the boxset that I listened to via Audible. There was not much emotion invoked in her voice and at times there were noticeable echos. 
All in all, lovers of romance will enjoy this boxset.  Get your copy here and enjoy a little romance.

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