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Once a Ho' Always a Ho' Series

Once a Ho' Always a Ho' Once a Ho' Always a Ho' by Lady Lissa
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one hot mess of a crew consisting of four friends, but with a friend like one of these, you don’t need any enemies. In this gut-wrenching, jaw-dropping series, Delondra is the one at the center of attention. With absolutely no care in the world, this heartless chick will mess with whoever she likes, whenever she wants, and however she desires, all for the almighty dollar. Stepping carelessly on friends, strangers and anybody else, that will make her bank account grow, Delondra is down. But what happens when the tables are turned? What happens when she finally meets a man who is not willing to play her game? 
Then there’s Syria… her man Clemson stepped out on her, but she’s been keeping that little tidbit of information to herself. What will happen when push comes to shove? Will she be able to let go of those insecurities and say, ‘I do’? Or will she finally have to come clean about what she knows and accept the fate that the outcome produces? 
Now Ivy, she is the best friend that everyone wants to have, and the only one out of the crew to luckily land a worthy man. After finding the love she always dreamed about, Ivy doesn’t want to share her man with anyone, so she keeps her relationship a secret. But how long can she hide this man who has brought her so much joy from her friends? 
Last but not least, there’s Princess who is living a dangerous life by concealing her genuine identity. After struggling to be her true self and find love, she too is at her happiest. But how long will that happiness last once the truth comes out? Will she still be able to ride off into the sunset with her man or will she lose everything including her life when he finds out what she’s really been hiding? 

Book 1-This was an okay read. The protagonist was morally loose and knew no boundaries. Her betrayal directly affected a few of her personal relationships. One of the supporting characters was living a double life and that storyline was interesting. The story moved quickly and was almost error-free.

Book 2 -This installment centered on the girls and their romantic relationships. Two of them moved in a positive direction, while one began to deteriorate beyond repair. That being said, there was not a lot in the way of character development or storyline progression. It felt a bit drawn out and the writing a bit sophomoric, which means there were several lulls in the story. Hopefully, book three will gain back the momentum in book one and wrap things up. 

Book 3 - The finale tied up all the loose ends nicely. The girls grew up, even Delondra after losing everyone and realizing they were not going to accept her shenanigans and lack of accountability. The girls dealt with quite a bit i.e. death, the loss of a child, betrayal.

I think Houston locals will love recognizing landmarks and all readers will be able to recognize that this could be them that the story was written about. You can get your copy of this series by clicking here and don't forget to leave a review to support the authors.

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