My Mother's Man

My Mother's Man My Mother's Man by O'Sharra
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Growing up in a household filled with younger siblings had never been easy for young and beautiful Jeanette Bell. With a mother who only cared about herself and her men, she was forced to learn how to parent sooner than she should have. Cooking, cleaning and being her mother's footstool was just a small portion of the hell Jeanette had to deal with, and she did it all with a smile on her face. 

Mason Vactor is an all-around ladies man and there was no doubt he loved the ladies. Fine, fly, and hardworking, his charm was sure to get him any woman he wanted; even Netta. Witnessing the abuse Jeanette endured while sharing the same bed with her mother, Mason develops a soft spot for the young teen and her son. So when Nett's mother threw them out with no place to go, he was there to pick up the pieces. But what happens when he turns the sweet, innocent, girl he once adored, into his doormat? Cooking and cleaning won't be the only thing she's good for. 

This was truly an emotionally charged read. O'Sharra did such an amazing job of creating these characters. You have to wonder if she was touched by some of the same atrocities that Jeanette, our protagonist, and her children were forced to endure. As I read, I had to remind myself that this was fiction as a few of my own personal triggers were activated by the antagonistic behavior of Mason aka MayDay.  Mason and his toxic masculinity saw an opportunity in young "Nett", who was a mother to 9 children that her mother birthed and 1 she, Nett, birthed due to a rape. O'Sharra took us back to a time when our parents had kickbacks on Friday's and sold dinner plates and turned their living rooms and yards into a bootlegged "hole in the wall" while the kids hid out upstairs or played servant if they were old enough. 

The story moved well from Nett's despair in her childhood home to her time with her soon to be tormentor.  Thanks to the use of vividly explicit imagery,  you could feel the verbal & physical cuts inflicted. This story is one of social and familial importance in its message, which is evident in the outcome of Jeanette's adult children. I rooted for Jeanette to be the one to break the generational curse her family carried. There are supporting characters that will stand out and will endear themselves to you.  The story while it could be read as a standalone has room for a sequel. That being said, please get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review. 

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