After Paris

After Paris After Paris by Marie McKinney

SynopsisIf you can’t fall in love in Paris, where can you?

Emily Chambers ran away to Paris to heal her broken heart. Because, really, where better to do that than the city of love? Just her luck she finds the perfect crush in a French tour guide… Just in time to bid him adieu. That’s okay. A few perfect days together and a few swoon worthy memories to last her forever, she’ll take that. Only… Emily finds herself toting home something a little more permanent than her Eiffel Tower key-chain.

Nick Wyatt wasn’t looking for love but that’s exactly what he finds in a bubbly, doe-eyed, big-hearted brunette. Problem is, she’s leaving in a few days. Bigger problem is she thinks he’s a French tour-guide named Jean-Luc. A not-so-chance reunion two years later leads to a second chance.
This time he’s not letting her slip through his fingers.

Book Review - This was a fun romance with enough realism to make you believe it could happen to you. McKinney delivered a well-developed plot and developed characters that were relatable. 
Emily is heartbroken. Nick is not looking for love. But between the romantic pull of Paris and a second chance love finds a home in these two. 
The story turned out to be a second chance romance and I really enjoyed it. It makes me think about a fella or two that I possibly let get away from me. I recommend this book to anyone wanting a light-hearted second chance romance.

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