Love and War: A Hoover Gang Affair Audiobook Series

Love and War: A Hoover Gang Affair Love and War: A Hoover Gang Affair by Latoya Nicole
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Synopsis - The infamous Hoover gang; Babyface, Blaze, Quick, and shadow has taken Chicago by storm. Not your average street thug, Bank robbers by day and club owners by night they continued their reign to the top. they never trusted anyone enough to allow them in their circle, the moment they did, all hell broke loose.

Zayn "Blaze" Hoover lived by a code "never trust a female, hit and quit" until he met Drea. He did everything differently and gave her the world. He was ready to change his ways until someone set him up and all signs led to her.

Zavien Shadow Hoover was the youngest of the crew, but he never wanted the females that came along with their lifestyle. He was engaged to his first love Shirree and ready to make her his wife. After a big argument and a night of drinking, shadow does something that could jeapordize their love forever, but in order to get revenge shirree may have crossed a line of no return.

Zavier "Quick" Hoover, is used to the ladies, but Alaysia swept him away with her beauty that only reached the outside. On the inside, she's ugly to the core. The harder he fell, the closer she got into his circle. Unbeknownst to him, that's just where she wanted to be all along. Not only does her scandalous ways effect Quick, but the whole Hoover Gang may be at risk.

Zaire Babyface Hoover has always been open to love and when he finds it will he get the chance to actually be happy? Being the oldest he had to clean up the mess his brothers created and may lose his love in order to do it.

Book ReviewThis was a very entertaining series. The author added so much humor in the series to lighten the sting of violence when incurred. She did a great job of showcasing the strong, if not extremely toxic, bond between the four brothers. The series moved quickly with quite a few moving pieces and characters to keep track of but eventually, they all came together. I didn't always feel the chemistry between the couples. I would have liked to feel that passionate chemistry between the couples rather than them using their "tsunami" skills to make the women fall in line. The final book in the series introduced me to new characters from previous books that I can't wait to go back and read. As far as the audible, the narrators chosen didn't quite fit the characters. They came across as too mature for the 20 something-year-old characters. The one that did fit was the narrator who voiced the mother and Blaze. I recommend this series to all the firestarters who like drama and humor. #teamblaze

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