Lovesick Lovesick by Jon Athan
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Synopsis - Mark Murray loves his girlfriend, Rebecca Lucio, but she doesn’t love him. She believes their love has withered away and she has already fallen for another man, but she struggles to formally end her relationship with Mark. But Mark knows everything already—the lies, the deceit, the cheating. He has a plan to punish Rebecca in the most violent, disgusting way possible. He is going to make her sick... unbelievably sick.

Jon Athan, the author of Dr. Sadist and Scattershot, reinvents the definition of ‘lovesick’ in this disgusting, gag-inducing, and extremely violent horror novel.

Book Review - What can I say about this story? The author does warn you that it would "gag-inducing" content and he did not fail at delivering. Mark was for all intents and purposes an average guy that held no exciting qualities. When he discovers his girlfriend has cheated, he sets forth on a path to end her existence as she knows it. He employs some truly disturbing and nauseating methods. It was thankfully a quick read and lucky for my lunch it was. If anything it made me curious as to how the author came up with the concept of revenge that was employed here. This story is not for the faint of heart. You've been warned. 
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