The Truth and Lie of a Broken Heart

The Truth and Lie of a Broken Heart The Truth and Lie of a Broken Heart
by Chakel L. Ayers-Bennett

SynopsisThree sides to a story yours, the truth, and mine,
Three hands on the face cover the mouth, ears, and eyes,
Two sides of me you tried to break and abuse,
One man's misery is another man's amusement.

Book Review - Kera's story is unfortunately one that is experienced by one too many in silence. The story shows the effects of experiencing a traumatic childhood event and how those events can color our future when we are not equipped with the proper tools to address them or proper support in our corner. This was a novelette so I expected it to move swiftly. One of the most difficult things is packing enough story in it to satisfy not only the reader but to satisfy the needs of the plot and the characters' development.  In this case, the readers are told about feelings, events, etc. without getting to experience any of it. 

There were a few issues regarding the timeline of events, sentence structure, flow,  pace, and transitions. I would have also liked a clear distinction between poetry and the story.  That being said I believe the messaging in this story is one that needs to be shared and told on repeat. I applaud the author for stepping out and sharing her story with the masses. Hopefully, it will reach someone who is warring with self-doubt, self-hatred, and adolescence that may fall or has fallen into bad behaviors as a coping mechanism.  I can honestly say that this tease to Kera's story needs to be fleshed out and turned into a full novel so that her story can fully and completely show others the full scope of her life.  You can get your copy of this book by clicking the image below. 

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