ChoirBoy ChoirBoy by Barry Alston Ray

SynopsisHow can one stand when two opposite worlds collide? Anthony Morgan AKA Ant, blessed with the looks and a velvet singing voice that moves masses. But when an in house family secret becomes unbearable, what are the options? What road will Ant take? With characters along for this ride that will be talked about for years, welcome into the unpredictable world of ChoirBoy!

Book Review - The author of bringing us into Ant's world as he opens with his incarceration over a situation that was forced upon him by someone who should have been a 
protector. After years of suffering in silence and no allies in the home, he takes matters into his own hands and thus begins his incarceration. This story touched on some very sensitive topics i.e. molestation, parental neglect, a flawed judicial system, pastoral pedophilia, and more. The author told this story through the eyes of not just the protagonist, Ant, but an "interesting" supporting cast. The only reason this story was not a 5-star read was due to the SPAG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) errors. They were not in abundance, but enough for me to notice. While the plot points were predictable and the structure was thrown a bit off when the dialogue was not clearly defined, I enjoyed watching the author bring together all the players in this dramatic web.  The plot was developed as were the characters. I am excited to read part two. I was invested early on in this tale and would recommend it to those who can read sensitive material and appreciate the drama it brings. You can get your copy below by clicking the image and supporting the author by leaving a review. 


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