Gangsta's Paradise

Gangsta's Paradise Gangsta's Paradise by Latoya Nicole

SynopsisIn the No Way Out Series you fell in love with Suave and Tank and wanted to know how did Kendyl "Gangsta" Jamison become so cold. So I bring you Gangsta's Paradise. A tale of murder, sex, lies, and deceit. Murder has always come easy to Gangsta and it never took much to set him off. 
Utilizing his strengths and urges to kill, he become the enforcer in his brother's up and coming empire. Killing people for sport was satisfactory for him, until he met Paradise. The daughter and heiress to the Garzon Cartel, she takes Gangsta under her wings. 
Teaching him everything she knows, Gangsta is now one of the most feared men in the game. Now a contract killer that most people compares to Lucifer because of his signature ways for killing, he has become a God in the streets. 
Until someone decided they wanted to take his spot. Capitalizing on his weakness, Gangsta has now found hisself trapped in a world of lies, deceit, and betrayal. The clock is ticking and the pressure is on for him to save someone that he loves. A Kingpin and a God must reunite and come together before everything he worked for comes crashing down.

Book Review - I found this series thanks to the Hoover series. I appreciated getting some of the backstories on Gangsta and Paradise. It was interesting to see that Paradise lost control of the monster she helped to bring nurture and neither knew how to get a hint of his humanity back. The story moved quickly so much so that it glossed over some events that I wanted details on and yet I found myself skimming some parts. A running theme I see in this crossover world is the humor infused into each storyline. It helps to break up the viciousness of some of the characters. I am on to Phantom's series.