Craving an Atlanta Dopeboy This Christmas

Craving an Atlanta Dopeboy This Christmas Craving an Atlanta Dopeboy This Christmas
by Uniquely Lashay

SynopsisQulera Black has been singing in her own key as long as she can remember. She isn’t your average chick, and has the type of beauty no man can resist. Better known as a plus-sized China Doll, her voluptuous curves are in all the right places, but behind her perfect smile, cornbread fed fatty, confidence, and a positively matching aura, lies who she truly is—a woman who came up in the trenches of the hood. She’s strong, fearless, independent, gutter, and above all, loyal. The only thing that ever gave her loyalty back, was her music.

Christmas is here, and it may not bring Qulera cheer, as it’s haunted her since she was a young girl. She gave up hope that she could have the Christmas she always deserved, especially after her life starts spinning out of control.

Book Review - The story moved very quickly. The relationship between Sleepy and Chyna was in play prior to the beginning of the story. They were hit with 2 major conflicts that brought them together and strengthened their relationship. 
I think the author had a good concept. There was not a lot of time spent on character development or adding a great deal of substance to the story. But, it was a nice change to see a plus-size heroine being the love of someone's life as well as desirable, and not the butt of jokes or the comedic sidekick. If you want a quick surface romance read, you may enjoy this story. 
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