Naive To The Streets: An Urban Crime Drama

Naive To The Streets: An Urban Crime Drama Naive To The Streets: An Urban Crime Drama 
by A. Roy Milligan

SynopsisWill a teenaged girl take the murder case and go to jail for life, or will she rat her boyfriend out - the one she loves so much?
Naive to the Streets is a gritty urban drama about a 16-year-old girl with no guidance, besides the advice that she gets from her older boyfriend Ant, who is constantly pimping out Triangle like an underage prostitute to all of his friends. He couldn't care less about who Triangle is having sex with, just as long he is getting paid for it.
But Triangle is blind; she is in love. One day, as Ant and all of his friends, gang up on Triangle for sexual favors, Ant gets into an argument with one of the guys. He is forced to protect himself and ends up with a dead body on his hands. In order to cover up the crime, he tries to stash the body in an old abandoned van. Days later, he tosses Triangle the keys and lets her drive away with the van, without telling her about the dead body hidden in the back.
Triangle and her friend Sincere think that they are just going out for a joy ride through the 'hood and are happy to just be getting out for a drive until she is pulled over and the police officer notices something wrong in the back of the van.

Book Review -  
"Don't try to love someone else when you're not sure if you love yourself. "

The protagonist was a young naive and lost child swallowed up by the streets. The way her tale ended was the only logical outcome. She moved recklessly throughout the story and ultimately it affected the lives of all those she touched. 
The author did a good job of creating this tragic tale of what could happen when 1) you have no direction or guidance and 2)when you don't love yourself or know how to love yourself. The story moved quickly. The messaging was clear and well-executed. I would have liked a bit more character development and a smoother transition when the scenes progressed with little no explanation of how we got to the next point. There were certain scenes that were glossed over quickly with one sentence that required just a little bit more explanation. For example, How did she get out of the triple murder charges to a deal with the feds to set people up?  How did that come about?  As far as spelling and grammar errors there were a few instances, but nothing that pulled me out of the story. All in all, this was a tragic yet entertaining example of a childhood lost. 
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by KayBee