The Ballad of Eli

The Ballad of Eli The Ballad of Eli by Chase E.F. Bolling

SynopsisEli a.k.a. Lonely was a successful stickup kid until he robbed the wrong, crooked undercover cop. Now years later after putting his life back together, Eli is confronted by an old nemesis, with an opportunity for a payday like he's never seen. Will Eli fall back on his old ways, or will he settle old scores? Find out in the Ballad of Eli!

Book Review - I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Chase Boling's foray into urban fiction. This novel about Eli aka Lonely gives us a glimpse into how he went from stickup kid to aligning and "owning" the very man who was a part of his criminal downfall. 
Eli was hardworking honest, loving, and faithful with the love of his life by his side carving out their own piece of the American dream. What you didn't expect was that his wife would be the Bonnie to his Lonely. 
I loved the duality of this character. He was complex, sexy, and moved like a black panther in the shadows.  The author did a good job of presenting Lonely to us and showing the distinction between him and Eli. The fact that the wife could simply look at him and tell who she was speaking to at any moment was written well. She knew she could advise Lonely to use people as a means to end, but wouldn't dare allow Eli the same "opportunities".  They were in fact 2 sides of the same whole. I won't even comment on how physically in tune the couple was in this story. 
The story moved well with fantastic transitioning. The author delivered on plot and character development. 
I would recommend this story to someone who wants something fresh new, sexy, and hip. Me personally, I like my crime with erotic thrills and violent adventure, and Boling delivered and then some. 
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