Found Love in a Rider

Found Love in a Rider Found Love in a Rider 
by Monica Walters

SynopsisMalachi Henderson isn’t a stranger to hard work or the country. However, trying to get his life on track from his self-destructive past has taken time. Finally embarking upon what he really wants in the rodeo arena while receiving help from the best to do it, he realizes some things in his love life have to change as well. In the midst of those changes, he meets the woman that he feels he’s supposed to do life with. Before even getting to know her, he believes they are meant to be. Convincing Danica of that seems to be a slight task, though. With the help of a loving family, his career is on track, but what will it mean without someone to share it with?. 

Danica Collier is in love with love. She’s fascinated by everything it encompasses, which is why she’s confused as to why it eludes her. As a Senior in college, she’s preparing to enter her career field and feels a relationship with the right man would complete her. However, when she meets Malachi Henderson, despite the initial attraction to him, she wonders if getting to know him would be worth her time. Wasted energy is something she has no patience to endure anymore and she wants to be sure that a relationship with him is something she can handle.

Book Review - Malachi is giving Storm a run for his money as my new favorite. Jeez Monica! I feel like the author had some pent up sexual energy and poured into Malachi and decided to add in the bullriding AND that he is a God-fearing man. (keep away the impure thoughts, keep away the impure thoughts) 
Okay. The author continued to build on this country community that makes country boys and their dusty boots sexier than they have ever been. 
Great character development. The chemistry between Malachi and Danica was so well written. The plot moved at a moderate pace and I was engaged from the onset. If you like your country boys full of melanin, sex appeal, and humor, you'll love this addition to this catalog. You can get your copy below and support the author by leaving a review. 

When's the next trailride? rodeo? something?