The Trouble Consultants Series: Havoc & Mayhem and Major Havoc

                              Havoc and Mayhem   Major Havoc

The Trouble Consultants Series by 
Derrick A. Bonner

Synopsis -Once upon a time in Brooklyn, there was a man you could go to if you were in trouble and needed help. He'd listen to your story and make a judgment. If he thought you were wrong, you were out on your ass. But, if he thought you were wronged then you never had a better friend.
The year is 1988. Ronald Reagan is president. The music of the urban streets known as Rap has proven to be more than just the passing fad it was brushed off as. Everyone dressed fresh, is sick with Pac Man fever and Brooklyn is in a state of emergency due to a new wave drug called 'crack', which is turning people into addicts at an alarming rate.
Enter Tommy Strong a smooth-talking, rough-riding, flyy-guy who reaffirms action in and out of any woman's bed or against any dude's head. Known as Havoc on the mean streets of the borough that's thorough, Brooklyn, he leases himself out as a Trouble Consultant, ridding neighborhoods of punks, pimps and pushers for a profit.
Tommy loved the highly profitable, adrenaline rush, lavish and sublime lifestyle. Arrogantly causing him to believe he was untouchable. That is until the predator became the prey when under the leadership of a mysterious criminal mastermind his deadliest enemies called a truce and joined forces to hunt and eliminate their common foe. And if things couldn't get any worse, it all goes down while he's been left in charge of watching his adorable younger sister Tatiana nicknamed, Tee-Tee who happens to have special needs.
Armed with brute strength and his loyal to the end partner Mayhem, Havoc strikes back in a series of wild car chases, shootouts and bone-crunching fistfights as he uncovers the horrific truth behind who and why he's been marked for death.

Book Review - The "trouble consultant" life is a dangerous one, especially when you don't know who wants to see your demise. . I enjoyed this series. From the first chapter, I was engaged. I loved the way the author weaved in old school hip hop to drive a point home in a scene. The music was the best supporting character here. This story took me back to my youth and I loved it. It also kept my adrenaline racing with the fast-paced action sequences. The author did a good job with character and plot development. He made sure to set up the framework for an entertaining story. Just when one issue was handled in book one, book two introduced a set of twins that no one wanted to cross. If you want a gritty, street tale without your typical "dope boy" or "kingpin" at the helm, you'll enjoy this story. You can get your copies by clicking the images below and support the author by leaving a review. 
Sidenote: I can't wait to hear this on audible and see it on the small screen.