The Book of Eve

The Book of Eve The Book of Eve by Julia Blake

SynopsisMy name is Eve

But that is not my real name; rather it is the one given to me by Annaliese when she made me a part of her golden world. It was all I had ever longed for – a life of easy luxury and glamorous intentions – with beautiful people for my friends.

Yet even the best party must eventually end, and this one ended in a storm of tragedy and bitter betrayal. Overnight, my perfect life was exposed for the lie that it was… and so, I ran, as far and as fast as I could.

Now an irresistible urge is summoning me back from my lonely exile, to attend one last party - Annaliese’s farewell bash. Maybe I will find the resolution I seek, or maybe I will only find more heartbreak and deceit. And always the same question will beg to be answered:

Should some secrets go to the grave?

Book Review - Calgon didn't take me away, but Julia Blake did. This was my first read by Blake and I can't say that I was surprised that I would enjoy her work even though I had only interacted with her online. Her wittiness and creativity even a quick post or comment comes through in those often hilarious moments. 

Blake pulled me in from the prologue. Who else knows the feeling of knowing your dreaming, but can't pull yourself out of it? At any rate, our heroine, or who I initially thought to be her, Melissa awakens in Jamaica where she was in a self-imposed exile. I could taste the rich cup of morning brew she sipped on despite being warned that she wasn't quite ready for it. This rich descriptive word usage really sets the tone of how the author brings the readers into the story of Melissa, Analise, a host of supporting characters, and their lavish world.  She takes us from Melissa seeing a group of friends she wanted to be a part of, reinventing herself to be someone she would like to be, to an ending that had me hoping that there might be more.  In between that is romance (Scott 😍)a funeral, betrayal, and mystery.  Blake delivers a solidly developed plot with twists and equally engaging and entertaining characters.   I recommend this book if you enjoy lavish drama, betrayal, and action with just enough romance to have you hoping you'll see more of Scott. 

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