Indie Book Spotlight - The Truth & Lie of a Broken Heart by Chakel L. Ayers - Bennett

Genre - Action & Adventure Fiction Short Read
Pages - 35   Publication Date - April 30, 2020

Synopsis - Kera is no stranger to life's disappointments. At a tender age, she experienced society's good, bad, and ugly. Join her as she gives her raw truth about her unfortunate experience with a family friend. As Kera embarks on a journey to face her gruesome and painful memories, she opens up with complete transparency about her behaviors, psychological torment & impacts that caused her to embrace toxicity in her life. Until one day when her life takes an unexpected turn which will help reshape the life she's lead and allows her to embrace and adjust her crown. 


Chakel Lakia Ayers-Bennett,  daughter of former recording artist Michelle Ayers and guitarist Gregory Keith Ayers was born in Newark, New Jersey, and is the middle child of three. A current resident of August, Ga, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management and her MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management at Colorado Technical University. Not only is she the author of her first published novella, The Truth & Lie of a Broken Heart, but she is also the founder of “Desk Chaperone, LLC” a virtual assistant company which was founded in April 2018. Chakel also has the distinct privilege of being the mother to three adorable daughters ages 8, 7, and 5.  Stay tuned for more from this fresh, new voice in literary fiction. 

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