The Secrets my Husband Kept: A Standalone Novel

The Secrets my Husband Kept: A Standalone Novel The Secrets my Husband Kept: A Standalone Novel by Loryn Landon
Synopsis - Often times we see jokes being made about women with undercover husbands, but let's face it, there are women who deal with this type of ordeal on the daily! They suspect that their husbands are cheating on them with another woman, only to dig a little deeper and find out that it's actually with another man! This is Ava's story!
She has been skeptical about her husband's actions since before their wedding. Justin was staying out later than usual, spending all of his free time with his boys, and just shutting her out of their relationship, then later their marriage. When she finally finds out what has been causing her husband to neglect their marriage, things go completely left!
Justin exudes the epitome of a manly man. Having been an athlete throughout his younger years, then once he graduated from college, he chose to become a fire fighter. Ava is the love of his life, but he doesn’t feel completely satisfied with just her. He loses his urge for temptation and steps out on his marriage to Ava, but it’s not with another woman as his wife suspects. Getting caught up in his temptations, be becomes sloppy and winds up getting caught up.

Book Review - While the secret was out -at least one of them- on the cover of the book, it was an interesting ride watching the heroine discover what we already knew.  Justin and Ava's story was a good lesson in "believe people when they show you/tell you who they are the first time". Justin gave Ava every obvious clue that he was more than just her "loving, faithful" husband. The author filled Ava's story with deceit, betrayal, drama, and a time or two of "laying on the hands" just not the kind you're thinking about. The othe thing that stood out was the abrupt ending. At any rate, if you want a quick drama to shake up your afternoon, pick up a copy. You won't be disappointed.