His Weekend Special: A Novella

His Weekend Special: A Novella His Weekend Special: A Novella by Endiya Carter

SynopsisWhen Heavenly Jacobs said she wanted a man that could match the fire and independence within her, she wasn’t expecting it to be her son’s best friend, Fabian Fisher.

What was supposed to be a one-time fling between Heavenly and Fabian transpired into a full-blown, secret relationship. Certain her son, Maverick, would not approve of them, Heavenly swore to keep their relationship discreet.

Fabian’s feelings were growing for ‘Miss J’ by the day. He wanted Heavenly and would do anything to keep her happy. Harboring their secret was the plan he agreed to, until Maverick’s dad, Mason, came into town trying to get back what Fabian had deemed his. Fabian loved his best friend, Maverick, but he loved his mother more. He wasn’t willing to let her go that easily.

Book Review - BDE and a funky, nasty good time. 
This was a quick spicey read and my first by this author.  The story moved quickly as did the lust. Neither primary character was expecting their weekend lust to evolve into a full-blown relationship, but that is what happened. Granted these Cougar/Cub relationships are becoming more prevalent and are definitely not as hidden as they used to be. I think the author did a good job of packing a good amount of drama, angst, and chemistry into this story that didn't make me feel like I was short-changed. Good structure, good development, interesting characters, and off the charts chemistry makes this story one I would recommend. Good job from the Cougar section. Now I'm off to find somebody's son to cuddle up with for the winter while you click the image below and get your copy of this read and support the author by leaving a review.