The Dirty Red Series Books 1 - 5

The Dirty Red Series: Dirty Red, Still Dirty, and Dirtier Than Ever The Dirty Red Series  by Vickie M. Stringer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dirty Red
Mischievous and manipulative, eighteen-year-old Red is an expert at deception with a provocative femininity. She employs her dirty ways—even faking a pregnancy with her boyfriend—to win a closet full of Gucci bags, a deluxe condominium full of baby accessories, a new car, and a book deal. But when one of Red's scams backfires and she winds up truly pregnant by her inmate ex-boyfriend, Bacon, she finds herself in more trouble than she's ever known. The drama truly unravels when Red's picture-perfect cons fall apart due to the power of—surprisingly—love.

Still Dirty
In Still Dirty, Red is again caught in a web of murder, theft, and deceit. We find her and her boyfriend Q running for a plane to Mexico after a violent fight with her ex-boyfriend Bacon, a released convict. Bacon is on their heels and determined not to let Red get away alive. Will Q come to her rescue once again? Or will he tire of cleaning up after Red's dirty deeds?

Dirtier Than Ever
Bacon returns from prison and suddenly Q is left for dead. With Q out of the picture, Bacon now has Red to himself. His sights are set on being the top hustler with Red by his side. He believes Red has finally changed when she reveals the truth about her past. But all comes to a head when the snooping detective, Thomas, suspects Red’s involvement in Q’s getting shot and the murder of Zeke, Q’s best friend. With two murders, a tumultuous love affair, and money on her mind, Red must make a decision . . . does she turn over a new leaf or revisit her dirty ways of old?

Low Down & Dirty
Having apparently wounded all of her enemies, and even her beloved Q, Red finds herself away from Detroit living the life of luxury in Arizona. She's become a successful home broker with a bestselling book, and it seems as if all of her dirty tricks have finally paid off from framing Detective Thomas to ruining Kera's freedom. Unfortunately for Red, she's made more enemies than she can count, and she soon finds herself running across the country in fear of them all while still being in love with Q. Everyone seems to have a reason to pay her the ultimate revenge, and even the most unlikely partners are willing to work together if it means finally bringing an end to all of Red's dirty schemes.

Dirty Love 
The last installment in the Dirty Red Series: Part V. Wonder what happened to Red? Find out now...Dirty Red, Still Dirty, Dirtier Than Ever, Low Down and Dirty, Dirty Love. 


I enjoyed the entire series thus far. The primary character was truly scandalous and was rewarded for said behavior. The story moved quickly and remained entertaining throughout.  The character was truly resilient. The narration & audio production was also very well done. 

The author did a good job of character development and plot execution. There were times when I wondered why Red never grew, but in actuality, there are people who often get "stuck" and don't grow. Once I stopped looking for her to grow, the story made more sense to me. I understand there is at final installment, which I have yet to read. Let me know in the comment your thoughts on Red and if you have read the final installment in her story. 
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