The Plummery Collection

The Plummery Collection The Plummery Collection by Merry Sparrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Welcome to the Plummery, where the feel-good bedtime stories never end. This collection of adventurous tales will keep you entertained in poetic and erotic ways until your destination is complete. There are three interracial charmers here - frothing with domination, whips, restraints, and clean fun. These stories feature a photographer and his theater muse (on the edge of her seat), a Traveler thief and the dreadful drawer of toys (oh, what cruel fates await), and an airman's wife with a revelation (be careful what you wish for)!
                                Book Review
A trio of erotic stories told in a fun, yet titillating way. There are different levels of erotica for me. This was the king with very little attention to the plot, but loads of attention paid to the "wrestling", which I didn't exactly mind. Sparrow gave you a very informative view of BDSM and its trappings.  I can't say too much without giving away each story. I think each story was fun, informative, and deliciously cruel. But, the second story and the "drawer of fun" was my favorite.
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