The Ocean's Daughter

The Ocean's Daughter The Ocean's Daughter
by Corinne Beenfield

Madness. Helen Danner is sure she will drown in it. The Nazis have taken everything from her. Laughter, light, love—they’d been so much a part of her life. Now in a home once filled with family, only her own lonely footsteps echo.

Rejected from becoming a host parent during the mass child evacuation, her heart shatters once again. Thousands of children are fleeing to Wales by boat, seeking safety, comfort…and love.

All she wants is one. But she’ll need to convince Stuart Adams, the handsome officer who rejected her application.

When a mysterious child comes into her life, peculiar things happen that neither she nor Officer Adams can explain. As they learn more about the girl—and the strange tie she has to a world that wants her back—Helen forms a dangerous attachment to her.

                                                                    Book Review
When I begin to read a book from a genre I love, I am anxious and excited looking forward to all of the words I will devour.  The Ocean's Daughter by Corinne Beenfield pulled me in right away and I loved the feel of the setting and the poetic way Ms. Beenfield connected her words.  All of the symbolism and metaphors that abound in this book grabbed my hand and never let go.  The ocean is a big part of this story, for good reason.  It calms but can also cause a storm inside your heart when you least expect it.  

We are introduced to Helen during World War 2. She has struggled with the loss for most of her life.  She longs for a permanent home and for love to fill her world in a permanent way.  Enter Stuart, an officer, who visits her house to determine if it's safe enough to billet children during the war.  He is ultimately disappointed but of course, everything happens for a reason.  She receives a child, after all, Lyric.  A girl who cannot speak and shows up out of nowhere.  This allows Helen to break down many walls she built to shield her heart and soul.  This, along with the quiet love story with Stuart, makes this book a beautiful read.  The introduction of the mythological aspect in this story kind of threw me off a bit since it's part of historical fiction but somehow seemed to fit perfectly.  Overall, I rate it 4 stars and I look forward to reading more from Ms. Beenfield. You can get your copy below and support the author by leaving a review.

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