War Series (8 book series)

                                            War Series

War Series (8 book series) by T. Styles
3.5 of 5 rating


Two Families.

Two Egos.

One War.

Raised in complete poverty, fourteen-year-old Banks Wales's world is rocked when his mother is murdered. If not for his best friend Mason, the son of a kingpin, Banks would be alone.

One rich, the other poor, the two do their best to stay alive and navigate the murderous streets of Baltimore.

There's one problem. Banks' father sees the young king's affluent lifestyle as a reminder that he is lacking as a father and a man. So he makes a vicious move. One that puts his, and Banks' life in extreme danger.


Before long bodies drop and others rise to power. But when the smoke clears, the two childhood friends are separated by rage that spans a generation.


Audiobook Review 

This series had many moments that left me wanting more. When a story leaves you with your mouth open and clamoring for the sequel and another sequel and another sequel, that’s a good story! The friendship between Banks & Mason was the crux of this entire series. The author did a great job of displaying their chemistry in good times, bad time, and downright horrible times. 

Each installment moved quickly and well. I found myself yelling at the book a time or two or ten lol. The characters were well developed and the plot well executed. Even at times when it was predictable, I enjoyed the ride to each finale that would leave me speechless. The supporting characters were as unpredictable and entertaining as Banks and Mason.  T. Styles really did a great job with character development. If I had one critique, it would be that at times the narration for the first few books was monotone. For this type of tale, I would expect a powerful and engaging delivery. Book 7 left us with a predictable, yet still, jaw-dropping ending.  All in all, this series is a solid listen, you can get your copy of the series up through Book 7 below.  The next installment, Book 8, will be released on June 26th. You can get that pre-order below as well. Please support the author by leaving a review. Happy listening or reading!