Big D*ck Energy

Big D*ck Energy Big D*ck Energy by Quan Millz
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In this novella, meet Vonteka Coleman, a single mother on Chicago's South Side who's looking for some quick relief from her struggles. After getting fired from her job, her best friend tries to sell her a quick-cash opportunity. However, Vonteka is a bit reluctant. Nonetheless, Ms. Vonteka isn't going to cave to her financial woes. She quickly comes up with another idea that she hopes will plug her cash flow. In the meantime, Vonteka has her mind concentrated on having a good time with a new bae she meets. Rob is his name and Vonteka is feeling his big d*ck energy vibes. But Vonteka senses something might be off with him? What is it?

Book Review
This story centered around a young mother who lost her job and was trying to figure out how she would take care of her kids. As expected, the author used very descriptive language to develop the story. The majority of the book 97% was spent on the primary character's best friend trying to convince her to be a webcam model. The Big D didn't really come into play until the last chapter. I didn't anticipate the connection between the best friend and the Big D, which was a nice twist. While I was expecting the Big D to play a larger role in the actual story, the content that was provided made this an okay read. If you want something quick with a pinch of drama this book is for you.

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