A Crimson City

Author Katrina Lewis
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Short Story

"It is the century of the DRAGON. A witch's curse on a noble family led to the creation of the strongest empire the world has ever known. But lately, there's chaos in the kingdom..." The Black Hood is a menace. King Dominik will stop at nothing until he is apprehended. Threats from bordering nations have increased. Dominik will do what he must to ensure his kingdom finds peace. Like his father, Dominik must put the country before self. He is ready to go to war. But, what will he do when love also stands in his way?

Book Review
Dominik leader of the Dragoon Kingdom. It was decimated by a faction called The Black Hood. The general of his army is Sacha a woman. They are involved and in love. The King must face his foe that acts as Robinhood of sorts, by taking from the noble families and giving to the lower class member of the Kingdom. 
When the Black Hood's identity is revealed, the King's world is thrown into true turmoil. I love that the characters depicted are powerful black nobles. You don't see a lot of black stories set in the era of Kings and Queens. I think this was a pretty entertaining short story. The author did a good job of setting the initial scene and identifying the key characters. It also flowed well. I will say that the final scene between the Black Hood and the King didn't seem to capture the intensity and emotional pain that I was looking for, but all in all, this was a good story. I look forward to seeing what happens next in the Kingdom of Dragoon. 
You can get your copy of this short story (18 pages) by clicking here. 


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