When a Goon Cries

This gritty tell documenting what it is to live and die in DC. Drugs and Choppas, drama city, home of some of the most prolific street killers ever. What happens when Omertas friend gets killed and disloyalty follows, his friends then become his enemies and he doesn't know who to trust and has a hard time figuring out whos to blame to shoot and could him trying to kill a man ultimately lead to his death?

Book Review
Omertas finds himself surrounded by murder and treachery. Taylor takes us along for the ride as one of Omertas' friends is gunned down and now his friends look like enemies. Taylor did a good job of creating an action-filled story. The protagonist was interesting and developed as much as possible for a short story.  The author also did a good job creating tension and conveying the emotions Omertas felt as he tried to come to grips with the turn things had taken. The story flowed well. Yes, there's were some technical issues, but nothing that took away from my enjoyment of this street tale. The author's growth also factored into my writing, which I don't normally take into consideration. I think you can't go wrong with this short story collection.  I think Taylor may just have found his "literary" footing. Now, I'll definitely have to ask him about this cover.

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by KayBee