Those Curves Got Me: Amy

Those Curves Got Me: Amy Those Curves Got Me: Amy by Just Bae



From the moment I bumped into him at the hospital, I knew I was in trouble. The way that doctor looked at me  - it was lights out. Then, we almost did the unthinkable and I had to stop him before we got caught.

Jack Reynolds isn't a little boy, he's a man. And he wants me.

During that hot flash in Exam Room Five, Jack made me feel things I never thought possible; showed me passion I've never known. Could he be the one, or was our little hookup doomed to fail like my baby daddy, Frank who, by the way, is an a**hole?


Amy, I wanted from the moment I first spotted her curvy a** walking down the hospital corridor, she just doesn't know it yet. When I put my mind to something - I usually get it.

She's pregnant but why does she want to play with my emotions?

Me and my wife's relationship is on life support. She's seeing who's she's seeing and I'll be there for my son.

Once it's over, I know who's next - it's just a matter of time - I'm a confident old man and that younger curvy Amy has what I need.

I just need a chance to claim her

                                                                              Book Review

A doctor with an unstable marriage has fallen for someone new. When his spouse leaves him for someone else, he no longer has to fight his desire for the woman who has captured his attention. I have to say this story left me largely confused. It was all due to how it flowed. The characters didn't have chemistry and were hard to connect to throughout and time seemed to be fluid. Now that's not to say that I didn't find a few scenes comical i.e. the wife and her girlfriend scene on date night. I think if there was a little bit more time spent on character development and continuity, I would have enjoyed this story a bit more



by KayBee