A Dysfunctional Love

A Dysfunctional Love

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

In this tale of A Dysfunctional Love pt1, you meet a young and successful African American couple by the names of Sean and Jessica.

Sean, a young successful lawyer, seems to have it all. A beautiful wife, an amazing daughter, and a promising career. But in Sean’s mind, there’s still something missing.

Jessica, a successful entrepreneur in her own right, can’t seem to get over Sean’s mistakes which leads Jessica to make one of the most horrible decisions in her life.

In the midst of battle, Amanda, Jessica’s best friend, steps in and begins to play both sides of the fence.

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You're happy until you're not.  Sean and Jessica find this out the hard way. When Jessica treats Sean with indifference, it prompts his first act of infidelity. The couple makes multiple missteps along the way betrayal, adultery, pregnancy, assault, and more occur. The author did a good job with the drama as I knew she would and she created a fantastic villain. Both books moved swiftly and held my interest completely. There were a few instances of grammatical errors and a bit of redundancy, but nothing that ruined the story in any way. My comments relate to both books. I would recommend this to those who enjoy their urban fiction with a side of drama.

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