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The Tenant's Wrath

The Tenant's Wrath The Tenant's Wrath by Gabriel Nombo
My rating: 3.9 of 5 stars 

In the 34th century, when earthlings start to interact with aliens, some aliens take advantage of interplanetary mobility by harnessing wisdom from earth's very wise ancestors.  How do they employ our ancestors to benefit their wrathful nature?. The reporter has everything.

The reporter does thorough research on aliens' culture including their science, daily life, food style, theology,landlord-tenant relationship, education system, and others. Then, he writes a report which he forwards it to his fellow earthlings. It takes only a month for the emailed reports to reach planet earth.

Book Review

This is not your typical science fiction book. Memento Mori, Exoplanets? Well, this daft punk styled science fiction delves into unexplored planetary systems in a time continuum unapologetically distant from ours.

Memento Mori, a planet whose inhabitants share genetic similarity with ours, "humans," possesses advanced bits of technology that makes Earth's 33rd-century technology laughable.

However, one very unpleasant phenomenon lied in Earth's internet system. Earth's websites bore unpleasant nudity that stretched into memento mori's society with a ferocity that threatened their civilization. And this angered memento's principles. They swore to put an end to this malignant virus from an unpredictable species, threatening to reshape the status quo!

I like how the author transits from aggression to progression when the Memento's set out to discover the marauders that plagued their websites. When they discovered it was our Earth and landed, they were intrigued by "it." So, this facilitated a change of ideology from that of conquest to a partnership. The author has a good way of transiting from hate to love, and it's quite admirable.

As the book progresses, it unravels into the perspective of Setifokasi. Setifokasi is just like any earthling resident on Memento Mori. He lives in a landlocked territory on the exoplanet and is a lad filled with dreams of the good life. This spurs him on a dreamcatcher's conquest of self-sustenance.

The whole science fiction drama revolves around Setifokasi's drive to become a model citizen. He entangles himself with the complexities of his planet, while constantly seeking to explore what's out there, "the unknown."

 Our honest review of the Tenant's wrath? After going through the entire 429 pages of this book, we give it a 3.9-star rating. Please feel free to purchase this book in the link below, and leave a comment for us at the comment section about your thoughts on the book. See you at the next review.


 Thank you to guest reviewer  Chukwunonso R. Anozie (Gregoryreacher)


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