Murder She Wrote 1 & 2

Synopsis -
Murder She Wrote is a tale of loyalty, lust, and betrayal. What happens, when one is in love with the flesh and loyal to that of what can make her feel again, the thrill of it all. What happens after the betrayal? What do you do with the anger, the need for revenge, and the hurt. Young Jamal has the world at his fingertips, will it slip away as he tries to love what doesn't love him? Follow along, this gritty-street tale as you see what leads one to kill another.

Book Review
This was a quick and gritty tale of the streets and love. This was raw. The young lovers are hit with drama early on with death and betrayal. The scene with Meech sets the tone for the book and I loved it honestly. Jamaal was a standout character. He like so many of our young men are vulnerable and tough all at the same time. Taylor captured the duality perfectly. He also captured another truth someone to the one you love can be your downfall as you'll see as you meet the woman at the center of this story. The content felt genuine. The pace was quick. I'm fully interested in what happens next.
Now for the technical, I would be me if I didn't mention that there are multiple issues that need to be addressed through editing. That's what prompted my rating. With a good scrub, this could be a 5 star short series. I recommend this to anyone short on time, but wants "all the smoke".

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by KayBee