His Brother's Keeper

His Brother's Keeper by Rosalind Peoples
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Meet Bray. A married successful mother of two. fortunate enough to have all of the jewels in life; a great job, a supportive husband, healthy kids, and a beautiful home. Pretty much, the white picket fence life. Or so she thought. Sure, Bray loves her life and her husband, but there is a void on the inside of her that she can no longer ignore. Especially when Aaryn, her husband's brother comes to town. He made it hard for her to continue living life in the blind, he reintroduced her to the part of her that was slowly fading away. Will she let go of the life she built with her beloved husband to be with his brother?

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Whatever you won't do for your partner another one or two will ...and well.
Cannon and Bray are married with a lackluster sex life although Cannon doesn't realize his wife has been faking unfulfilled for years. At the peak of her desperation two things happen at once, she meets a woman that awakens something in her sexually and then Aaryn, Cannon's brother, moves into their home temporarily. He has come to stay while he goes through yet another divorce. Both people now being introduced to the current state of Bray's raging libido make for an explosive situation.  

The author does a good job of creating tension, developing the characters, and displaying the chemistry between them all. Initially, I felt pity for Cannon, before his true character was expertly revealed. The story moved seamlessly from one point of view and scene to the next. While not a whole lot happened in the way of plot movement, it was still an intense ride that culminated in a broken home, a fractured sibling relationship, and an uncertain future for all.  You can get a copy of this drama-filled read below and support the author by leaving a review.

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