Thou Shall Not Run...

Thou Shall Not Run... Thou Shall Not Run... by Sabrina B. Scales
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Even the saved struggle when navigating their way through love. This much could definitely be said for the Fold Family’s middle child, Jadalynn.
Having met when they were just twelve years old, Jadalynn and Andrew experienced some of their best and worst moments together. Falling in love was inevitable as they grew older and remained close. And falling out of love was just as certain when the two finally bumped heads.
After a lengthy separation based on a lack of communication, fate and the hand of God himself brought the two back together, forcing them to either continue running from love or stop and surrender to it.

Book Review
Jada and Jet were running circles around a relationship. Well, mostly Jada was running from what was to be her future. The story opened in an unforgettable way with a baptism of the youngest Fold family member and an "oatmeal" incident. The story was filled with humor, drama, denial and the "word". This story was okay for me.
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