Gilded Ruins (Blinding Night #2) Book Blitz!

I am so excited that GILDED RUINS by Chantal Gadoury is available now and that I get to share the news!

If you haven’t yet heard about this wonderful book by Author Chantal Gadoury, be sure to check out all the details below.

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About The Book 2:
Title: GILDED RUINS (Blinding Night #2)
Author: Chantal Gadoury
Pub. Date: May 12, 2021
Publisher: The Parliament House
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 295
Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, KindleB&NKobo, iBooks

The Story Continues. . .

Summer and Darce are summoned by the order of Zeus himself to travel to the home of the Gods: Mount Olympus, where they're to face even more ancient Gods and Goddesses.

Summer braces to confront her mother again, illuminating secrets about the truth of her tragic pasts, while also persuading Zeus to allow her to stay with the God of the Underworld, her true love - Darce.

Aboard Poseidon's luxury yacht, Summer meets her mythological family, while also uncovering what exactly happened to her past lives - and the true roles her mother and Darce played.

When Darce and Summer suddenly find themselves separated, Summer must find her inner power and unite them together, before her mortal time runs out.

About Book 1:
Title: BLINDING NIGHT (Blinding Night #1)
Author: Chantal Gadoury
Pub. Date: October 2, 2018
Publisher: The Parliament House 
Formats: Paperback, eBook, audiobook
Pages: 289

What if you were the missing piece in one of the world’s most epic legends? 

Despite being an art history student, Summer isn’t thrilled to be stuck with her archeologist family all summer in Greece. While the rest of her college friends are posting a million selfies by the pool together, Summer is stuck alone, trying to entertain herself alone in a place where she doesn’t even speak the language. 

Upon her arrival to Greece, strange dreams and even stranger shadows seem to haunt Summer, leaving her to ponder the meaning of pomegranate seeds and twisted, darkened faces. 

Suddenly, her stay abroad leads to tragic twists, leaving Summer in the arms of a dark stranger, who claims to be the god, Hades, whom she feels like she knows from another life. In a whirlwind through the busy streets of Athens, Summer is seduced to the lowest point of Greece where Hades’ lair awaits…the Underworld. Determined to find out who she is and where she belongs in an age-old myth, Summer joins Hades to discover that the secrets about her past life are beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

Book Trailer:

“Have you heard the news?” Hermes asked as he came to pause in front of Darce. “There’s been a slight change of plans.”
“Change?” Darce asked, brow arched. He crossed his arms against his chest and shook his head. “What do you mean?”
“Do we get to go home?” I asked, doing what I could to keep the hope from my tone. Hermes chuckled and shook his head as he leaned lazily against the doorframe.
“We’ve been invited to the Mediterranean Sea.”
I didn’t miss the dark look Darce gave Hermes.
“The Mediterranean Sea?” I asked, wrinkling my nose. “What about—”
“Zeus thought it would be better for everyone to meet on more neutral ground.”
“So he chose the sea?” Darce snorted, shaking his head. “Sounds more like he couldn’t resist an invitation to Poseidon’s superyacht.”
“Wait a second,” I asked, looking skeptically between the two of them. “Poseidon has a superyacht?”
The irony hadn’t been lost on me.
“Yes,” Hermes said, flashing me a smile. “It’s a beautiful ship. There are several amenities I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time aboard. The hot tub is one of my personal favorite places there.”
“I don’t think so,” Darce said, the muscles in his jaw tightening. “We’re not going.”
Darce pushed himself from the wall and grabbed my hand.
“But—” I started, feeling unsure. Was it so easy to just turn around and leave? Could we really go home? Just as Darce turned on his heel, and started towards the door, Hermes cleared his throat.”
“You know you have very little choice in this, my Lord. You know if you snub your brother, he’ll not resist punishing you, and her too.”
His words caused Darce to pause. Darce turned to look to Hermes over his shoulder.
“He gave me no indication that we’d be meeting out at sea. It was agreed that I would go to Mount Olympus. He demanded that she go there. . .” Darce tried to argue.
“Certainly you do not oppose a more neutral place-”
“It’s hardly neutral, Hermes. You know that,” Darce hissed. “It’s a show. All of this is a show.” I could hear the growl in his voice as he slid his hands to his waist.
“He obviously intends to make this meeting into nothing but a grand, dramatic performance.”
Hermes seemed unbothered by Darce’s outrage. “I’m just the messenger.”

About Chantal:

Chantal Gadoury is an Amazon Best Selling Author who is originally from the countryside of Muncy, PA. Chantal likes anything Disney, plays a mean game of Disney trivia, enjoys painting and has an interest in British History. Chantal first started writing stories at the age of seven and continues that love of writing today. As a recent college graduate from Susquehanna University, with a degree in Creative Writing, writing novels is a dream come true.

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