Redhead in a Blue Convertible

Redhead in a Blue Convertible Redhead in a Blue Convertible by Ivan Scott
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Buckle up. The ride is about to begin...

British doctor Sarah Farnsworth's life spirals out of control when she loses a patient during surgery, then soon after, loses herself.

When it looks like she will be lost forever, the road of fate leads her to a blue convertible owned by the mysterious Billy Caldwell.

She is informed Billy has twenty-four hours to get out of town and needs her help to get all of his affairs in order.

But why does he have to leave? And what is the big hurry?

As they drive around Atlanta in Billy's ragtop, visiting the people and places dear to him, Sarah realizes the crisp, October air has breathed new life into her due to her new friend.

What she doesn't realize is Billy has been watching her. For years.

And someone has been watching Billy. For decades

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When surgery goes awry, Sarah takes a break from her duties as a surgeon.  Sarah is a talented young woman who had been the victim of verbal abuse all of her life. The abuse stayed with her long after the abuse was no longer physically a part of her life.  A colleague and friend presents Sarah the opportunity to earn some serious money just to drive a "friend" around for 24 hours. Naturally, I thought of the infamous movie with Julia Roberts.

Scott takes us on an easy journey between Sarah and Billy, the gentleman she'll be in charge of driving around for those 24hours. I'll admit the story took a minute for me to get into initially and there were a few lulls throughout the almost 4 hours of listening. While Sarah was leery of Billy's motives. He took us on a trip down memory lane before he had to leave town. I loved seeing Sarah come to terms with the fact that she won't be able to stay away from her calling of saving lives for long.  Did I mention that Sarah is British? I think Scott does a good job of capturing the dialogue as well as moving through Atlanta's high society. (not that I would know much about that lol). While I would not have chosen this particular narrator for this story, the audio production was well done. The narrator didn't capture the sense of urgency when needed for me. His lack of emotion didn't set the right tone at times.

 Scott does a good job of creating a charming, humorous tale with a side of mystery. I would recommend this to anyone who may need a good laugh with a few tears. You can get your copy below and support the author by leaving a review.

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