Francesca and Weylyn: Clean BWWM Plus Size Romance Francesca and Weylyn: Clean BWWM Plus Size Romance by Jasmine Carter
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Francesa, a BBW model, and Weylyn a billionaire cross each other's paths thanks to a modeling job. Francesca finds out that thanks to her father's wandering libido, she has a sister. She makes plans to meet her when the modeling job is over. At some point during the modeling job to which Weylyn has been commissioned to be the photographer, he develops feelings for her and the usual angst (irrational angst from Francesca) and interference from an ex makes their road to happiness.

I could not connect with the characters in this story. I am not certain if that was due to the poor transitions, lack of story development, lack of chemistry between the characters or the characters constantly voicing the innermost thoughts aloud unlike most people. The way it was written, I kept thinking that there were characters having a conversation only to realize that it was one of the characters asking and answering themselves. It was odd.

I enjoy a good interracial romance, but this was, unfortunately, a miss for me.

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