The Devil's Bible

The Devil's Bible The Devil's Bible by Justin Hyde
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Religion + science + supernatural = mysterious suspenseful story.

The Devil’s Bible appears to have a book called the Codex Gigas aka the Devil’s Bible not to be confused with the Satanic Bible. This story expertly intertwines religion, science and the supernatural into a pretty intense read filled with a bit international intrigue as well. The story begins in 1229 A.D. and the creation of the Codex Gigas and my brows went up with talk of the Book of Revelations and the moment evil entered. I honestly was not sure I could or would finish this book. My southern Baptist upbringing silently rebelled.
Sidenote: I loved the maps at the beginning to give the reader a point of reference as the Czech Republic is where the mystery occurs.

Colonel Skull, a widower and single dad and Iris Wilhelmsson, an American translator, are brought together after the theft of several books with a connection to the Czech Republic. Fast forward to a supernatural creature, a kidnapping and these two joining forces on the investigation.
I liked these two separately, but even more as a unit. The author did a great job of displaying their chemistry and pulling you into each scene. It is always evident when an author has done their research and it is evident that Mr. Hyde researched and provided a work of fiction that had a basis in truth. Obviously, there are a lot of religious references and ideals that make you think about your own religious beliefs or at least I thought about my own at times. The storyline moved along at a steady pace introducing you to many characters along the way- pay attention- and as acts that indicate the end of days are near, you will be on edge. The characters are in direct danger and it (the story) gets extremely dark as bodies start to pile up. Don’t be afraid to take a note or two to keep up. I certainly did, because there were words or references that I didn’t know and I’m not ashamed to say this lady had to google a time or two or six.

All in all, if you like the intrigue of the supernatural, religious variety, you will enjoy this thriller. While it was not my normal read, I definitely was not disappointed. It even prompted a discussion between my mother and I on the end of days.

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