Grab Grab by Jeff Elkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The opening was descriptive, a bit terrifying and most of all powerful. While my brow furrowed with anger at the scene. How could you do that to another human being? I had two questions. Who was Nadia? Why was this happening to her?

This short story was about Moe, a private detective, and her “gift”. A gift that allowed her to be an asset to those who needed her special brand of assistance. A curse to her when she couldn’t shake the after effects. After using her gift, she has to recite a mantra to ground her back in her reality.
When Moe gets a new case that she believes is a simple adultery case, she brings on her neighbor/best friend, Stacie to be her “intern”. Stacie needed some excitement and she definitely got it. The duo solves the crime of the year and gives birth to Watkins and Howe. The duo had great chemistry and in between the seriousness of the case, they gave us a few laughs. The author did a fantastic job of pulling me into each scene from page 1 with such descriptive imagery that I felt I was watching one of my favorite night time dramas. He gave me just enough about the duo that you got a rough idea of who these characters were.
There were a couple of scenes that definitely had me sitting up straighter. When the explosion occurred and when it was revealed that Caroline and Giuliano had a connection, I was pulled in further. There was a hint at some discord between Moe, her grandfather, and her siblings. What was it? It appears she is not the only one in her family with the gift and I need to know more about them.
I am definitely going to read the other book in the Watkins and Howe collection. I need more background on Moe’s family. This story was well-written all around. It had a strong plot, good formatting and was true to its genre. Good read.

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